Sis. Annamma John Thomas (Ammukutty) W/o Br. John Thomas, Dammam, Saudi Arabia: suffering from Jaundice  and some liver disease for which she was undergoing treatment in Saudi Arabia.  For better treatment, they traveled to CMC Vellore. The Doctors are still not able to diagnose the cause. She continues to be in the ICU with breathing difficulties. Her condition further deteriorated and is on ventilator. Her lungs are effected not fully functioning. 
Evg.  P V Devasikhamony Ujjain (M.P.) (86 years) Ujjain had a fall in the bedroom and got fractured his hip bone (Intertrochanteric fracture) and is having acute pain. Needs a Surgery. Please pray for him. 
Br. M. James Paul, Banswara, Rajasthan
- met with a bike accident. It could have been a very serious situation but our Gracious Almighty God delivered him. He suffered collar bone fracture and  injuries on his head. He has 3 stitches on his head. He is on bandage  for the collar bone fracture and needs to take complete rest for a 6 weeks time.
Baby Hancy  Niece of Evg. D. Epaphra  Kandukur – AP.  Hancy 6 years baby is suffering from Typhoid fever and Jaundice. Please pray for her  fast recovery.
‘DISHA 2010’ – Multimedia Show’ in Thriuvananthapuram, Kerala :
A multimedia show titled ‘Disha’ is being held in Thriuvananthapuram from 16th to 21st November 2010. It is a massive program expected to be visited by at least fifty thousand people mainly from other faith. A similar program (with lesser days and lesser sections) attracted about 25000 people in Ernakulam in January 2010 and 70 people accepted the Lord openly. At least 75% of visitors were from other faiths.