Pope Calls On Israel, Palestinians To Push For Peace
AHN News Staff

Vatican City, Rome, Italy (AHN) – Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday called on the Middle Eastern parties to make efforts to bring peace in the region and urged Palestinians not to give up settlement hope.

Speaking at the end of two weeks of meetings at the Vatican attended by Catholic bishops from around the globe, the Pope said that peace would be the best way to stem Christians’ emigration from the Middle East region.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Palestinians against unilateral action threats and said that they should not pursue independence without truce talks.

Seeing Israel’s adamancy over the issue of Jewish settlement construction, Palestinians recently said that they would ask the United Nations to intervene in the matter and recognize them as an independent state beyond the Green Line. Green Line refers to the territories under Israel’s possession since the 1967 Middle East war.

Addressing the government ministers at a weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said face-to-face talks with Palestinians are the best option.

“I think any attempt to circumvent it by going to international bodies isn’t realistic and won’t advance true peacemaking in any way. Peace will be achieved only through direct talks,” he added.

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