TEL AVIV [WorldTribune] — A Scud missile base has been detected near the Syrian capital.
Images captured by Google Earth have shown construction of several military bases throughout Syria. One of the Syrian bases, located near Damascus, was believed to contain short- and medium-range Scud-class ballstic missiles.
“The photographs also suggest that Hizbullah activists are being trained at the base on the use of Scuds,” the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.

The satellite images of the Syrian bases were said to have been taken in March. One of the largest missile bases, surrounded by hills 400 meters high, was reported near Adra, about 25 kilometers northeast of Damascus.

Israeli analysts said the Google Earth images confirm reports of a Syrian missile buildup as well as training of Hizbullah. The images show what appears to be Scud B, the medium-range Scud C as well as a mobile launcher at Adra, a base that includes concrete tunnels.

Scud B was said to have a range of 300 kilometers. Scud C’s range was reported at 550 kilometers.

Israeli and Arab media reports assert that Syria was providing Hizbullah with Scuds as well as the M-600 rocket. The M-600 was said to have a range of 300 kilometers.

Adra was identified as a key Syrian supply base for Hizbullah. Western intelligence sources said Iran deployed scores of military personnel at Adra to facilitate the flow of missiles and rockets to Hizbullah bases in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley.

“The long-range missiles Syria recently gave to Hizbullah are just the tip of the iceberg,” Israeli Brig. Gen. Yossi Baidatz, the head of military intelligence’s research division, said in mid-2010. “Hizbullah already has thousands of rockets of all kinds and all ranges.”