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The age of the dollar is drawing to a close Currency competition is the only way to fix the world economy, says Jeremy Warner By Jeremy Warner 7:04AM GMT 05 Nov 2010 Right from the start of the financial crisis, it was apparent that one of its biggest long-term casualties would be the mighty dollar, [...]

Pope Calls On Israel, Palestinians To Push For Peace AHN News Staff Vatican City, Rome, Italy (AHN) – Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday called on the Middle Eastern parties to make efforts to bring peace in the region and urged Palestinians not to give up settlement hope. Speaking at the end of two weeks of meetings at [...]

The European Commission has put forward proposals for direct EU taxes on member states, including a possible EU-wide value-added tax (VAT). – BBCnews The proposals are part of a package of options for finding new sources of revenue for the European Union budget. EU Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski first said in August that he wanted [...]

TEL AVIV [WorldTribune] — A Scud missile base has been detected near the Syrian capital. Images captured by Google Earth have shown construction of several military bases throughout Syria. One of the Syrian bases, located near Damascus, was believed to contain short- and medium-range Scud-class ballstic missiles. “The photographs also suggest that Hizbullah activists are being [...]

ROME (AP) – U.N. food agencies said Wednesday that 166 million people in 22 countries suffer chronic hunger or difficulty finding enough to eat as a result of what they called protracted food crises. Wars, natural disasters and poor government institutions have contributed to a continuous state of undernourishment in some 22 nations, including Afghanistan, [...]

 BEIRUT – Hezbollah supporters used mosque loudspeakers Thursday to rally crowds ahead of a trip by Iran’s president to southern Lebanon near the border with Israel, a visit the U.S. and Israel have called intentionally provocative.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad arrived in Lebanon on Wednesday to a rapturous welcome organized by Hezbollah. His country is the main [...]

Politics is the art of the possible,” is a remark attributed to the Iron Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck. As the state government teeters on the edge, opposition JD(S) and Congress have been attempting to cobble up a coalition that could take over the reins of governance. Despite a bitter experience of coalition in the past, [...]

Kabul, Afghanistan — A roadside bomb killed nine Afghan civilians, including three small children, in Paktiya province on Sunday, according to the NATO-led command in Afghanistan.

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