How para assembly oraganizations can go off the rails

General issues and trends among brethren assemblies
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How para assembly oraganizations can go off the rails

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Around 190 years ago it pleased the Lord to enable the forefathers to re-discover several precious assembly truths hidden for many centuries. As a result they came out of the ecclesiastical traditions of that time and began to gather together according to the New Testament pattern. They had no plan to begin a new denomination; they had no head other than the Lord Jesus Christ. These independent local churches were known as the ‘assemblies’. The world called them ‘the brethren’. Their teachings touched many hearts and though not part of this group, many Christians began to follow their teachings. Today there are so many such autonomous assemblies all over the world who fervently follow the New Testament pattern as taught by these godly men.

A 'common' perception is created that assemblies are a failure and man made organizations are fundamentally essential for missions. Now the reality is for the power hungry generation leaders to creep on to the zenith and control assemblies. Hence they are off the rails and many instances proves it in all its trajectory.

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